21 reasons both spouses should know how to cook

When we talk about cooking, the gender that immediately comes to mind is the female. Likewise, in a marital relationship, the woman folk is expected to know how to cook and even to cook for her family every time. This is what the societal narrative is.

And so, the African society has directly or indirectly imposed it on the woman to know how to cook even if the man doesn’t know how to cook.

However, do you know that there are lots of benefits for both spouses that know how to cook? At least a man should know how to cook rice, how to cook a turkey, how to cook easy meals, and so on.

According to a research by a relationship expert, Dr. John Gray, 70% of surveyed married couples actually like to cook together, and those couples that do enjoy cooking together are significantly more satisfied in ALL areas of their lives than couples who don’t cook together.

As a man, being able to cook sumptuous meals is an added advantage to you and your relationship. Which woman wouldn’t love to know that her man can easily exercise his culinary skills?

While grocery delivery is now very easy due to online grocery service, a man can find it easy to help out in the kitchen without having to go to the market to shop for African groceries.

Imagine a man helping with grocery shopping in the house or even going to the marketplace to shop. All these can make a huge difference in marriage as both spouses help each other. Cooking skills are sexy, knowing your way around the kitchen is an adorable quality in a partner.

It’s time to rethink gender role, after all, it is 2018. 21 reasons both spouses should know how to cook will enlighten couples and further help their relationships more than ever before.

Here are 21 reasons both spouses should know how to cook:

  1. Food is more than Food. Food is a perfect expression of love: 
    Believe it or not, food is expressive. Food has a way of communicating how we feel to those around us. Remember when you were younger and your mother cooked your favorite dishes on special occasions. Remember how those meals made you feel! Now imagine, if you are a man, and you want to show your woman you love her so much; you can definitely say it with a meal.
  2. Cooking increases your bond with your spouse:
    Imagine how lovely it would be when you decide to cook with your wife? Even if you are still trying to perfect your cooking skills, you can still help out with some things in the kitchen. Cooking is an activity that allows a couple to connect on an intimate level. It is a great medium for bonding and creating something together.
  3. Cooking enhances better communication:
    When both spouses cook together, it can enhance strong communication skills that can have a positive effect on their relationship.
  4. Spice up your relationship when you cook for your spouse: One of the easy ways to add flair and spice up your relationship is by cooking for your spouse.
  5. You can help each other when needed:
    What if your wife isn’t at home and your children need to eat or you even need to eat? This is a time you can help your wife out and cook for yourself or the family.
  6. Spend quality time with your spouse:
    If a man knows how to cook and he decides to cook with you, this can lead to spending quality time together which can also lead to fun conversations, deep talks, and so on.
  7. Spouses can take turns to cook:
    When one person can’t cook today, the other person can help out.
  8. The stress would be less on one person:
    Wouldn’t it be great for a woman to take cooking breaks once in a while, while her husband pampers her to a lovely and sumptuous meal?
  9. Cooking would be fun: Cooking would be more fun and relaxing when both spouses know how to cook.
  10. Different cooking skills would be shown:
    When you and your husband know how to cook, both of you can bring forth your culinary skills to the table and cook more exciting meals.
  11. Equal division of chores: There can also be an equal distribution of chores in the house and even a shift system in place that the spouses take turns on when to cook and when not to cook.
  12. Your family won’t be stranded when it comes to food:
    When there is no food at home, any of the spouses can decide to cook, it removes the pressure for one person. Knowing that you don’t have to shoulder cooking alone after a  long day at work is amazing.
  13. More food ideas come up:
    More food ideas will come up from both parties as they both know how to cook.
  14. It becomes easy to teach the children how to cook: I
    t is even easier to teach your children how to cook as both their parents know how to cook.
  15. It sets a good example for the children: It sets a good example for the children, especially for the male child.
  16. Be more comfortable with constructive criticism: Both spouses can be more comfortable with constructive criticism and it can come in any time any of the spouses take turns to cook.
  17. You can have cooking date nights:
    Instead of going out and spending money on food, you both can decide to have cooking date nights at home.
  18. Most women love it when men know how to cook:
    Yes, most women love it when men know how to cook.
  19. Sets a new standard for the new generation:
    It deviates from the societal narrative that only women should know how to cook or cook. This definitely sets a standard for the new generation.
  20. It is admirable:
    It is admirable to see a man or a woman in the kitchen whipping up healthy and delicious recipes!
  21. It is relaxing:
    Cooking can also be relaxing and would be more relaxing if both spouses decide to cook together since they both know how to cook.

Does your man know how to cook? Do you both cook? We would love to hear from you below.

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