Best Grocery Delivery App in Chicago

Tired of hauling your groceries up and down the busy streets of Chicago? Well, you’re not alone. People all over Chicago, and the US, are forgoing their regular grocery shopping routines for a more convenient shopping experience – grocery delivery. Online grocery apps have taken the world by storm. According to a study by Statista, roughly 150 million US shoppers regularly use online grocery apps, and this number is expected to keep growing. As the demand for grocery delivery increases, so does the number of grocery delivery apps. But with so many options, it can be hard to decide which app will best meet your needs. Don’t worry, OjaExpress is here to help you navigate the nuances of grocery delivery apps so you can make an informed decision and shop stress-free. 

How Do You Decide Which Grocery Delivery App is Best For You?

When choosing your grocery delivery app, you should consider what your needs are. Take a look at how the delivery app functions and assess the specific services it provides. The best grocery delivery apps should have the following features to make your shopping experience as simple and convenient as possible: 

Easy sign-up process. 

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it should be easy to make your account on the app. A good grocery delivery app has a simple sign-up page and often can connect to your Google account. Additionally, most the best grocery delivery apps should be free to sign up, just like OjaExpress. Here is the OjaExpress sign up page as an example:

Connects you to multiple grocery stores in your area.

Any good grocery delivery app should partner with multiple grocery stores so you have a variety of options to choose from. For example, OjaExpress partners with multiple ethnic grocers in the Chicago area, and offers you a variety of cultural cuisines to choose from. 

Intuitive search engine.

It should be easy to search for each item you need in the grocery app. There should also be notifications that let you know if an item is available or out of stock. Additionally, you should be able to see pictures of the item you are shopping for inside the app. 

Simple add to cart function.

Once you have decided to purchase an item, there should be a simple add to cart function. This usually looks like a button that says “add to cart” or is an icon of a shopping cart. View an example from OjaExpress below:


The best grocery delivery apps also provide recommendations based on the items you are shopping for. This makes it easier for you to find what you need, but also lets you try new things! 

Categories of specific grocery items.

The app should also provide a list of categories so it’s easier for you to shop for specific items and navigate your way through the platform. 

Order tracking and status.

Once you have placed your order you should be able to receive push notifications regarding the collection and delivery status of your grocery order. 

Chat functionality.

Customer service is extremely important when it comes to grocery delivery. If you have questions about your delivery or shopping process then you can simply reach out to their customer support team directly through a chat box. 

Safe and convenient payment procedure.

Protecting your personal information is critical when it comes to completing any online purchase, it’s no different for online grocery shopping. 

Same day delivery.

Guaranteed same day delivery should be offered by any quality grocery delivery app. At OjaExpress, all of our grocery orders are delivered the same day you place your order. 

Contactless deliveries.

This is especially important when you take the pandemic into consideration. Contactless delivery should be an available option when you check out and complete your grocery order. Your delivery person will then communicate with you through the chat function on the app once your groceries have been delivered.

What if Mainstream Grocery Stores Don’t Have the Cultural Food Items You Need?

It’s pretty obvious that there is a glaring gap in the grocery delivery market space when it comes to cultural food markets. Most big-box grocery retailers don’t carry the specific ingredients many immigrants need to make their traditional cultural dishes and the big-name online grocery delivery services aren’t connected with your local immigrant-run mom and pop stores. At OjaExpress we’ve made it our mission to deliver groceries from the top ethnic grocery stores in downtown Chicago straight to your door. Feeling disconnected from the foods you love is a difficult experience, so we want to give you a little taste of home by ensuring your cultural foods and the foods that you grew up on are easily available. Get cooking with OjaExpress today!

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