Best Grocery Delivery Service in Chicago

The late, great Anthony Bourdain once said, “I think food, culture, people, and landscape are all absolutely inseparable.” Here at OjaExpress, we strongly feel that food is an excellent avenue for discovering new cultures and people while having a delicious meal. In today’s landscape, convenience is the name of the game, and with grocery delivery services popping up all over the country, it has never been easier to try foods from all over the world. By the end of this blog, we hope to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to get started on your international cuisine journey.

How do you Get Groceries in Chicago?

Through OjaExpress of course, and in a city like Chicago where it’s a booming and diverse metropolis of food, we know the convenience of having food brought right to your door. Grocery delivery services have been on the rise for years and it is no surprise why. The number of options available in a store can often leave someone with decision paralysis. Whether you prefer to shop in person or are trying out the delivery services alternatives, the grocery stores in downtown Chicago have you covered for any type of food you are interested in trying. 

Is it More Expensive to Have Groceries Delivered?

Groceries have been getting more expensive, causing shoppers to be more conscious of what they are spending their hard-earned money on. While price is always a factor to consider, it is worthwhile to spend your money with a local grocer whose business will be more positively impacted by your purchase.

We will get more into some of the actual costs of delivery services in a moment, but before that, we want to note that grocery delivery services will often times be around the same price or slightly more expensive that shopping on your own. This is mainly do to tipping and other general delivery fees. The key takeaway is the convenience, and the knowledge that you are helping out a local business by using a service like OjaExpress.

With the convenience of grocery delivery services, many start to wonder, “How much does it cost to have groceries delivered to your door?” Various factors will impact how much you may end up paying for all of your delicious items. Here are a few to consider.

  • Where You Shop: The immediate impact on the price of your groceries will come from the actual store. If you choose to shop at Whole Foods, for example, you could end up spending several hundred dollars on groceries that may not last a week. One way to combat this is to cut out what is not necessary for creating meals each week. Once you know the necessities, try and substitute some items for traditional ethnic ingredients to spice things up. There is no better way to find authentic international foods than by shopping at local markets. That is why we at OjaExpress support ethnic grocers by letting you select a cultural community to shop from right on our homepage.
  • Delivery Fees & Tips: The typical fee for grocery delivery is around $5 for an order, but they can get up to the $10 range. There is always an optional tip suggested at the end of your order, and we, along with most delivery services, believe in tipping the shoppers. Tipping anywhere from 15%-20% is a safe spot if you are unsure how much to tip on your order.
  • Subscriptions: Some delivery services offer a subscription model instead of standard fees. Instacart, for example, charges its users $9.99/month for their services.

Is a Grocery Delivery Service Worth it?

Of course it is! The true value of a grocery delivery service does not come from deals or lowered prices. The true value comes from the convenience and ability to find local ethnic grocery stores you will have likely missed on your weekly trips. Services like OjaExpress remove the barrier of finding these unique stores. Think about the international aisle at one of the big chain stores. It is often barren and given little attention compared to the rest of the store. If you want that authentic taste from back home, or just want to try something new, OjaExpress connects these grocers with hungry customers. 

The best delivery services will be the ones that offer the most selection and provide your order on time. While the previous section mentioned some of the extra fees that can occur when using a delivery service, they can also provide methods of saving money as well. Some of you out there are true deal hunters and are willing to drive all over town to find the best deals possible. Others will want to use the services of the best grocery delivery service available to them.

Taste New Flavors with OjaExpress

OjaExpress provides hungry audiences with ethnic grocers they might otherwise never discover. We built our service to fill a glaring gap in the grocery delivery market space. Finding authentic ingredients for the recipes you grew up with or want to try can be a tedious experience, and that is why we boiled down the process into four easy steps.

  1. Signup for free
  2. Pick a grocery store to shop from
  3. Fill your cart and checkout
  4. The items are delivered to your doorstep

If you want to taste great food from back home or just want to broaden your tastebuds, signup for our free grocery delivery app today. 

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