Comfort Food From Around the World You Need to Try

During this age of quarantine, many of us are spending more time than ever in our homes. And the heart of any home is the kitchen. Food not only nourishes our bodies but also our souls. We all have a food that envelopes us in warmth and comfort when it hits our taste buds. So in this stressful time, many of us our seeking salvage in our kitchen, taking time to craft our foods rather than just throw them together.

OjaExpress exists so you can find the ingredients for your favorite food with ease. We know it’s important that you have access to the international foods you love at a time like this. With a world of delicious comfort food and time to try new recipes, you can count on us to deliver the goods you’re looking for! Here are our top ten favorite feel-good foods from around the world you should try today.

Nigeria: Okra Soup

This dish is renowned for its ease of preparation and versatility. And not only is this a wonderful African comfort food but it’s also fairly healthy too! Get your oxtail and egusi for the next time you make okra soup at!

Colombia: Arepas

Not only are arepas food for the soul, but they’re also pretty easy to make! If fact, some recipes only call for three ingredients!

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Thailand: Kuay Teaw

Kuay Teaw or Thai Beef Noodle Soup is another amazing comfort food you’ll definitely want to try. This flavorful soup includes both beef strips and beef balls all on a delicious bed of rice noodles.

South Africa: Bunny Chow

Get your does of South African cuisine with this delicious, spicy dish! Basically, bunny chow is a sort of meat and veggie stew served in a bread bowl! The curry powder gives it a kick while the cardamom pods add an aromatic flavor.

Jamaica: Beef Patty

Beef patties are a popular street food in Jamaica for a reason! These flaky meat-filled pastries are the perfect pick-me-up when you need something wholesome to snack on.

Puerto Rico: Pasteles

Mostly popular during the holiday, pasteles are a little taste of the island wrapped in a banana leaf. Although they can take several days and 4 pounds of yautía to produce, they are well worth the effort put in to make them!

China: Congee

If you’re in the market for comfort food with some variety look no further than congee! This Chinese porridge can be served either savory or sweet. Traditionally, it’s served with pork, scallions, ginger, and thousand-year-old eggs.

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Dominican Republic: Mangu

This next comfort food is commonly served up for breakfast in the Dominican Republic. It’s a simple but delicious plate made up of mashed plantains, a fried egg, Dominican salami and queso frito.

India: Aloo Gobi 

This flavor-packed Indian favorite is vegan! This potato and cauliflower dish can be served with onions, tomatoes, or none at all.

Mexico: Antojitos

Last but certainly not least, we have antojitos! This classic Mexican snack is a must-try and instant favorite. Loaded with cheese, bell peppers, and jalapeños, this mouth-watering treat promises an instant mood boost wrapped in a tortilla!

Comfort Food Around the World

Food is something we all have in common. And in a time when we’re spending less time than we’d like with our loved ones, it continues to tie us together. Whether you’re cooking up cultural food from your childhood or branching out to try a new dish, cooking is a wonderful source of comfort. As we navigate this new normal, remember that we’re still so connected. And maybe try one of these new recipes out with your friends over a Zoom call!



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