Hispanic grocery delivery in Chicago

“Food doesn’t know borders,” says Cristina Martinez, a Mexican chef and immigration activist in Philadelphia, PA.

Food is a tapestry that weaves together our identity, community, culture. Cooking the meal your grandmother used to make not only brings nostalgia, but keeps you connected to your heritage. It can also bring a sense of identity, serving as a bridge between people and places no matter the distance. 

Whether you’re looking to make a family recipe or wanting to explore a specific culture’s cuisine, it can be difficult when searching for an ethnic market to source your ingredients. Many American grocery stores have only an ethnic food aisle that doesn’t represent many multi-ethnic communities’ diverse food choices. 

When searching for “Hispanic grocery store near me” or “Hispanic grocery store online,” it can be challenging to find quality options that have ease of access and culture.

Let’s take a look at a Hispanic grocery delivery option that can bring you rich and flavorful ingredients to cook your next meal. 

Where do Hispanics buy their groceries?

According to a survey by Grocery Drive, about 30% of Hispanics purchase groceries at ethnic-focused stores. But for those looking for options in Chicago’s metro area, it can be challenging to find locations that are easily accessible amongst the bustling streets. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have fresh, quality ingredients from the local markets delivered directly to your door through a Hispanic grocery store online?

Here at OjaExpress, we believe that creating cultural memories around food should be convenient. We are a grocery delivery service that directly brings the ingredients you need from local markets to your home.

Here are a few markets in the local Chicago area where you can order Hispanic produce online, from our marketplace, and have it delivered directly to you. 

Supermercado Martin’s

Located on the Northwest side of Chicago, Supermercado Martin’s is based in the Portage Park community. Supermercado Martin serves the Hispanic community with a premium selection of unique fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and other produce. Most inventory is imported directly from Central and South America. 

Supermercado Sanchez

Founded in 2013, Supermercado is located in Cicero, IL. Supermercado Sanchez has a large inventory of Latin American grocery products, including canned foods, baked items, candy and snacks, and spices and seasonings. They are also widely known for their professionalism and customer service. 

La Fruteria

Located on the southeast side of Chicago, La Fruteria is a full-service African and Caribbean market. The market was founded by Mr. Antonio Macias in 1998. La Fruteria’s produce is imported from many countries, including México and the Caribbean Islands, Africa, and Jamaica. 

Heights Fresh Market

Established in 2002, Heights Fresh Market is based in Chicago Heights. Heights Fresh Market is an internal market that is primarily known for its Hispanic offerings. They also import products from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Shop local, eat global 

OjaExpress is an ethnic and international food delivery platform that aims to bring people and culture together through food. OjaExpress was built for immigrants by immigrants. Our goal is to give you easier access to the foods that bring a flavorful piece of your culture to your home—while supporting the many overlooked yet indispensable grocers in the local Chicago community. 

How does ordering from OjaExpress work? SImply start by choosing a category or community to start searching for products. After making your selection, enter your zipcode to find the stores that are located that deliver to your area. Once you choose the store that you’d like to shop from, browse through the items and add them to your cart. After you’re done shopping, choose to pick them up or get them delivered! Select when and how you want your groceries to be delivered, then proceed to the checkout. It’s as simple as that! 

Let OjaExpress deliver the taste of home, straight to your home. Start shopping now

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