How To Find a Caribbean Grocery Store Online

If you’ve been looking for a Caribbean grocery store online to do some shopping, you might notice that there aren’t a lot of options. While there are a few websites that pop up, there are not nearly as many options as the number of Caribbean grocery stores that exist in neighborhoods all over the US.  

There’s a reason why Caribbean grocery stores may be difficult to find online. Many cultural grocery stores are true mom-and-pop businesses, often run by immigrants who may not have the time, budget, or technology resources to put their store online. 

When you’re searching online for a Caribbean grocery store, you may have better luck with these search tips: 

  • Keep it simple and relevant: Search engines like Google work by taking what you type in the box and matching it to words in online content. When you use long sentences with a lot of filler words, you may not get as many results. Also, if you use general search terms instead of specific words, you will probably not find the online Caribbean grocery store you’re looking for.

Here are some examples of not ideal, okay, and great search terms to try: 

Not ideal:

Search term: shop for groceries online (too general, won’t give you the right websites)

Search term: Caribbean snacks recipes (not relevant to Caribbean groceries)

Search term: Where can I find a Caribbean grocery store online that ships to my city? (too long)


Search term: Caribbean snacks online (might get you to a grocery store that carries similar products)

Search term: Caribbean grocery store with shipping (a little bit long, but might turn up some results)


Search term: Caribbean grocery store online (simple and relevant)

Search term: Caribbean food products (no extra words)

  • Try using quotes: The best way to find something specific is to use quotes. This tells the search engine to look for the specific phrase, exactly as you typed it, on websites. For example, if you are looking for dried scotch bonnet peppers, Google will look for any content that contains those words in any order. However, if you search for “dried scotch bonnet peppers” then the search engine will look for that specific phrase.
  • Look for related websites: This is a tip that may help you find some great new online sources for your favorite Caribbean foods! Once you find one website that you like, try typing “related:” and then putting the web address with no space after the colon. This will tell the search engine to pull up websites that are similar to the one you have just visited.

What Caribbean Food Products Will You Find at a Caribbean Grocery Store?

Comprising 13 independent countries and 15 dependencies, the Caribbean is a unique and beautiful region full of a diverse population and a vibrant food culture. Because of the large span of communities, you will find a wide range of food products at a Caribbean grocery store that come from different traditions and food heritages. Here are a few examples of products you may find, but keep in mind that each store will have their own unique selection. 

  • Fruits and vegetables

Green pigeon peas – Also known as cogo peas, green peas, or gungo peas, this vegetable is enjoyed across the Caribbean and is often cooked with long grain rice as a side dish. 

Ackee – A soft yellow-orange fruit, this ingredient is the star of Jamaica’s signature dish: Ackee and Saltfish.

Callaloo – The main ingredient in pepperpot soup, this green leafy vegetable is a Caribbean staple.

Cassava – This root vegetable is extremely versatile and comes in a variety of preparations from flour to chips for snacking. 

  • Seasonings and spices

Scotch Bonnet peppers – This spicy pepper is actually from Jamaica and can be found in so many Caribbean foods that it is often called the Caribbean red pepper. Dishes like jerk chicken or Jamaican hot pepper sauce use the flavor and heat of the Scotch Bonnet. 

Jerk seasoning – Speaking of jerk chicken, if you would prefer a mix rather than making your own seasoning of escallions, hot peppers, pimento, nutmeg, and thyme, you can probably find this famous spice mix at any Caribbean grocery store. 

  • Herbs and teas

Dried Irish moss – Irish moss, also known as carrageen moss, is a type of seaweed that is used as a tea or to thicken soups and stews. In addition to its nutritional benefits, some believe that this ingredient is an aphrodisiac.  

Soursop tea – Also known as Graviola, the fruit, bark, and leaves of this tree are used in a variety of ways. A common way to use soursop is to brew a tea from the leaves to enjoy the unique taste. Some believe this tea has medicinal benefits as it is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. 

How Can I Find Caribbean Grocery Delivery Near Me?

Our mission at OjaExpress is simple: to deliver the taste of home to your home. If you’re in the Chicago area, you’re in luck! We deliver Caribbean groceries from family-owned stores straight to your doorstep. Explore our stores online now to find the Caribbean food products you’re looking for right here in Chicago. If you are interested in having OjaExpress in your city, let us know!

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