The Top 10 Jamaican Products to Get Delivered

We can all agree that good food nurtures the soul. Whether you’re trying to recreate a nostalgic recipe from your childhood or if you’re interested in trying something new, a good meal will always lift your spirits. However, finding the exact ingredients you need to create the meal you’re craving can be challenging. Most American-centric grocery stores don’t offer a good selection of multi-ethnic options, especially when it comes to Caribbean cuisine. Don’t worry, that’s where OjaExpress comes in. We’ll take the stress out of sourcing ingredients and connect you to a Jamaican grocery store online. All you have to do is place your order and get cooking. 

Now, let’s talk food. Jamaican food will always provide an electrifying experience for your tastebuds. From jerk chicken to ackee and saltfish, there’s so much to enjoy! Jamaican cuisine is a true melting pot of flavor. Jamaica also has one of the most diverse food cultures on the planet and draws from culinary traditions worldwide.  Along with rich local traditions and ingredients, Jamaican food has been influenced by European, West African, East Asian, and Indian culinary practices. All of this comes together to build unique and delectable food traditions. 

We know it’s impossible to narrow down all that Jamaican cuisine has to offer, but that won’t stop us from listing our top 10 favorite Jamaican products. Feel like we’re missing something? Tell us! We’d love to learn all about your favorite Jamaican food recipes. 

Without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite Jamaican products to get delivered in Chicago. 

  • Jamaican bread and buns: You can’t go wrong with Jamaican bread. One of our favorite doughy delights is an Easter spice bun. Soft, sweet, and sprinkled with raisins and fruits, biting into an easter bun is like a warm hug. Craving some buns? We’ll connect you to a tasty treat that will complement any meal. From hard dough bread to cocoa bread, OjaExpress has you covered.
  • Jamaican chips: When it comes to snacks, Jamaicans just get it. Banana chips, coconut drops, the list goes on. A handful of crunchy goodies would be an excellent addition to any Jamaican snack box. 
  • Jamaican candy: Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out these tasty morsels. Busta is one of our favorite candies. Made of wet sugar, coconut, ginger, and lime juice or cream of tartar – Busta is just the right mix of sweet and sour.
  • Jamaican cheese snacks: Finding your favorite cheese shacks is easy-cheesy with Oja. Big Foot, Chee Zees, and Cheeze Curls are just a few of our favorite Jamaican cheesy delights to munch and crunch on.
  • Exotic fruits from Jamaica: From smoothies to fruit cake, there’s so much to explore. June plums are excellent additions to any fruit cake, and ackee is perfect with any fish dish.
  • Vegetables from Jamaica: Callaloo, okra, cassava, and breadfruit all make excellent Jamaican side dishes to go along with your stew, roast, or curry. 
  • Jamaican spices: Add some spice to your life with Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper, pimento, or Jamaican escallion. Forgetting a spice can ruin a dish. Make sure you have everything you need!
  • Jamaican desserts: Out of the many delicious desserts Jamaican cuisine offers, Gizzada has to be one of our favorites. Its sweet coconut filling mixed with brown sugar and spices pairs will well with any spicy and salty main dish.
  • Fresh fish for Jamaica seafood dishes: OjaExpress will connect you to the freshest seafood markets so you can make the curried lobster and peppered shrimp of your dreams
  • Jamaican drinks: Picking the right drink makes the meal. But to be honest, Sorrell and rum punch taste good with pretty much anything.

Cook up some great memories with OjaExpress

There you have it, our top 10 Jamaican products! We know we left out a lot, but that’s the beauty of cuisine; there’s always more to learn and explore. At Oja, our mission is to encourage people to experience new cultures and preserve culinary traditions. OjaExpress is more than just an international food delivery service. Connecting you to the foods you love means a lot to us. Whether you’re igniting old memories with family recipes or creating new memories by trying something different, we’re glad to be part of your food journey! Now enough talk, let’s get cooking – check out our website to find Caribbean grocers near you.

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