Top 20 Dishes across African Countries

Food, like laughter, is a universal language.

Food unites us and helps us experience certain cultures, places, and ideas in taste without even having to travel to that particular country.

African food is no exception. African foods are rich in taste, culture, and ingredients. This article spotlights some of the best dishes across African countries:

  • Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup: This is a staple food in Nigeria! Pounded yam is made from yam, and at most times eaten with the Egusi soup made from melon. It is a delicacy you should definitely try out.
Pounded yam and egusi soup
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  • Alloco: This food is called Alloco in Côte d’Ivoire, Missolè in Cameroon, Makemba in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kelewele in Ghana, and Dodo in Nigeria. It is made out of plantain. It is cut and then fried, most times served with beans, egg, pepper, and onions, or even consumed by itself as a snack.
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  • Jollof Rice: You must have heard of this jollof rice feud between Ghana and Nigeria. Both countries are still trying to determine who cooks jollof rice better! Jollof rice is spicy, rich, and cooked from rice, pepper, onions, and other ingredients.
Jollof rice
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  • Biltong: This is a form of dried meat cut into pieces which can be made from different types of meat such as beef. The beef is later dried and spiced. It originated in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.
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  • Nshima: This is a staple food eaten in Zambia. It is made from Maize flour and water. It is most times eaten alongside protein sides and vegetables. It is eaten with bare hands.
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  • Kefta Briouat: It is part of the Moroccan cuisine made from flour and filled with ground meat, pepper, seasoning, cheese, and so on. It is a savoury puff pastry that is fried or baked after the dough has been filled. They are usually served as finger foods or appetizers.
Kefta Briouat
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  • Bobotie: Bobotie is a South African dish. It is a mixture of tender curried meat and fruit with creamy golden egg-based topping. The recipe was selected for an international recipe book published in 1951 by the United Nations Organisation.
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  • Kachumbari: Kachumbari is fresh tomato and onion salad popular in Kenya and Tanzania. This African dish is easy to make, spicy, and flavoured. It is sometimes served as side dish to pair with grilled meat.
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  • Brik: This is a deep-fried thin pastry filled with different ingredients. It is a staple of Tunisia. Its typical fillings include tuna, ground meat, raw egg, chicken, and so on.
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  • Palm Butter: This is a western Middle African sauce made out of oil palm fruit. It is a thick sauce made by boiling and grinding palm nuts. It is eaten alongside other meals such as rice.
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  • Beyenatu: A staple food in Ethiopia. This is a vegetarian dish that consists of lentils, beats, spiced greens and a combination of other tasty vegetables. It is derived from the foods Ethiopian Orthodox Christians eat during fasting periods.
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  • Moi Moi: Moi Moi is a pudding made from beans. The beans are socked and wash, then blended. Pepper, onions, oil, and seasoning is added to it before it is steamed. It is native to Nigeria.
Moi Moi
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  • Matapa: This is a staple food in Mozambique. It is served in households, restaurants, and markets in Mozambique. This dish is prepared with young cassava leaves, garlic, onion and coconut milk. In addition, it is often cooked with cashew nuts, crab or shrimp.
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  • Pilau: This dish is one of the most popular meals in East Africa. It has an Indian origin and it must have been adapted for East African kitchens. It is a super spicy rice loaded with cinnamon, cumin, star anise, bay leaf, curry powder, cardamom, black pepper, garlic, ginger, onions.
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  • Romazawa: This meat stew with greens is a staple food in Madagascar. It is a meat stew filled with a combination of green leafy vegetables. It is mostly served with rice
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  • Malawah: It is also known as Malawax or Malawach. It is a staple food in Somali, originating from the Yemeni Jews. It is a round thin-like pastry that can be eaten with sugar and honey or stew. It can be prepared in a variety of ways. This dish is common in Somali. Malawach is also a staple for all Yemeni Jews.
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  • Mufete: This African dish is native to Angola. Mufete is made out of grilled tilapia and spiced onion sauce with stewed palm oil beans sweet potatoes.
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  • Waakye: This African dish is popular among Ghanaians. It is a dish of cooked rice and beans. The rice is cooked with an indigenous leaf and black-eyed peas or kidney beans.
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  • Matoke: This dish is native to Uganda. It is a variety of banana native to Uganda. It is harvested, peeled and then cooked and often mashed or pounded into a meal. It is mostly eaten with groundnut or peanut butter sauce.
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  • Plasas: This is a delicious sauce made with greens, meat and dried fish, thickened with egusi or peanut butter. It is served with another side dish. This dish is native to Sierra Leone.
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