Top 20 things that OjaExpress customers now do with their free time

OjaExpress customers save over 2 hours when they use our service instead of going to the store. How so? Between getting in traffic, finding parking, waiting in line for fresh meat or fish, and the often long checkout line, two hours go by quickly. Most of our customers live over 8 miles from the store they shop from.

Think about how much time you would be saving if you don’t visit the store.

There are a lot of things you can do instead of going to the store. We ask our customers what they now do in their free time. Here are the top 2o responses.

  1. More Online Shopping: Yes, instead of spending hours on your trip to the store you can simply order your groceries online!  After discussing the value of OjaExpress they now more online shopping across several popular services like Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, and others.
  2. Clean your kitchen: When was the last time you dedicated time to cleaning your kitchen? Cleaning and organizing your kitchen can help you in a lot of ways. You never know what germs might be lurking in a corner So get busy cleaning!
  3. Read about new recipes: You never know the number of millions of recipes that are available online for you to try out. Read up on different recipes and try them out!
  4. Watch cooking videos on YouTube: This is certainly an opportunity to watch your favorite chef’s tips and tricks and learn all you can. Research some of your favorite chefs on YouTube and watch their videos.
  5. Cook your favorite meal: What better time to cook that favorite meal of your choice? If you are waiting for your order to arrive for the main meal you are about to cook, you can use this opportunity to make a starter meal while your order arrives.
  6. Clean out your closet: You can also clean out your closet and rearrange your wardrobe while you wait for your order to arrive.
  7. Have a quality me-time: Take some time alone and practice self-care or simply relax and breathe!
  8. Read a novel: If you love reading like me, then you can bring out a book you’ve always wanted to read and simply read it!
  9. Call a friend: Call someone you haven’t called in a long while!
  10. Plan your meals for the week: Do you plan out your weeks before time? Here is an opportunity to plan out your meals for the following week.
  11. Listen to music: Here is also another opportunity to listen to your favorite music and dance!
  12. Journal: If you love journaling, you can spend some time journaling and documenting your thoughts.
  13. Take a nap: Get some sleep! There are all kinds of scientific researches on the benefit of sleep. Start saving valuable time by shopping for your cultural grocery on OjaExpress.
  14. Play a board game: If you love Scrabble, Monopoly, ludo, etc. you can spend some time relaxing while enjoying your fav game.
  15. Exercise: Take out some minutes to exercise and flex your muscles. Several of our customers are now able to commit 1hr per week to exercise.
  16. Do your laundry: Wash those dirty clothes!
  17. Make a bucket list: If you love the idea of bucket lists, you can make one
  18. Improve your vocabulary: Go online and learn new words
  19. Clean your mailbox: Cleaning your email inbox can be refreshing! Try it out
  20. Learn something new online: There are so many websites online to teach you anything you want to learn

What other things can people do while waiting for their order to arrive? Do drop your ideas and comments below.

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