What Do They Sell at African Grocery Markets?

It’s no secret that Chicago has a thriving African cuisine scene. In fact, a study conducted by Unite Africans found that the African immigrant community is one of the fastest-growing in the state of Illinois. With more and more delicious family-owned African eateries popping up, Chicago locals are getting the chance to explore African cuisine for the first time, while others are experiencing the taste of home. But what if you want to make some of these popular food dishes on your own? Where do you find the right items to make something restaurant-quality? Luckily, OjaExpress can help with that. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 grocery items to buy from an African market online. From fresh meat to delectable breads, you can get all the ingredients you need delivered straight to your door with OjaExpress! 

20 Top Selling Supermarket Items For African Cuisine

Pastries and Bread

Agege Bread: Made from a rich low-yeast dough, agege bread is a sweet compliment to many spicy African meat stews and bean dishes. Since this recipe can be tricky to master on your own, it’s often easier to buy agege bread from a local African grocer. 

Agege bread sold at OjaExpress.com

Hard Dough Bread: This Caribbean solid and sturdy bread is a great sweet treat to eat with breakfast or after dinner. You can even try dipping it in chocolate, eating it with porridge, or using it to make a fried egg sandwich. 

Hard dough bread sold at OjaExpress.com

Cassava Bread: This bread is popular in the Caribbean and in parts of South America. Its nutty taste and chewy texture pairs well with sweet jams or porridge and is often accompanied by a warm cup of tea or coffee. 

Cassava bread sold at OjaExpress.com

Askio Puff Puffs: These doughnut-like delicacies are the perfect little treats to offer guests or eat all by yourself (we’re not judging). Eat them plain, with coffee, or cover them in cinnamon. Either way, your taste buds will thank you. 

Askio puff puff mix sold at OjaExpress.com

Easter Buns: These tasty treats are the perfect party cake, sure to please anyone you invite to visit your dinner table. The spiced sweet bread with bits of dried fruit goes well with black teas, coffee, and hot chocolate. Although Easter buns are a traditional Jamaican dish, many African cultures have adopted different versions of this sweet and fruity bread. 

Easter buns sold at OjaExpress.com

Fresh Meat and Pre-made Meat Dishes

Goat Meat: African grocery store online goat meat is one of the hottest selling grocery store items. Goat meat is such a staple for many traditional African dishes (like curried goat stew, goat and pepper soup, or tripe peanut stew). Having fresh and high-quality meat can make or break many of these dishes, therefore you should buy from someone who really knows what they’re doing. Local African grocers are extremely knowledgeable about all that goes into choosing the highest-quality cuts of meat, allowing you to create the most delicious meal possible. 

Fresh goat meat sold on OjaExpress.com

Hard Chicken: African hard chicken is another meat essential for many African cultural dishes. Hard chicken is chewy and stronger in texture compared to chicken sold at mainstream grocery stores. This chewy texture is ideal for stews and other recipes requiring the chicken to marinate on low-heat for long periods of time. 

Fresh hard chicken sold on OjaExpress.com

Turkey Wings: Yes, you can use turkey for more than just a thanksgiving feast or a simple deli sandwich! Jerk turkey wings, tomato stew with smoked turkey wings, or spicy peppered turkey wings are just a few examples of traditional African turkey dishes that are guaranteed to make you crave a second helping at the dinner table. 

Fresh turkey wings sold on OjaExpress.com

Curry Chicken Patties: Pre-made curry chicken patties are a popular grocery item in all African grocery markets. These crisp patties are bursting with flavor and make a perfect appetizer to tide you over while you wait for your main course to cook. 

Curry chicken patties sold on OjaExpress.com

Beef Shanks: Beef shanks, like hard chicken and goat, are used in traditional African stews including Nigerian shoko and Ethiopian key wat. Although high quality beef shanks can be pretty pricey, buying directly from your local African  grocery store is very affordable.

 Beef shanks are just $5.99 a pound through La Fruitera on OjaExpress.com

African Snacks 

Chin Chin: This popular West African snack is perfect for munching on as your main dish simmers in a pot. Chin chin is flavored fried dough that comes in sweet, salty, and spicy versions. 

Chin chin varieties sold on OjaExpress.com

FuFu: These little dough balls are a common snack in West Africa. Often made from starchy foods like yams or plantains, they serve as a hearty mini-meal that will help satiate your appetite until it’s time for dinner. 

Fufu sold on OjaExpress.com

Kulikuli: This sweet, crunchy, and nutty west African snack that is primarily made from peanuts and is the perfect bite-sized morsel to munch on throughout the day!

Kulikuli sold on OjaExpress.com

Plantain Chips:  Plantains are a type of banana plant and are a major food staple throughout Africa. Plantains are always cooked before being eaten and are often fried or crisped up to turn into a snack food. These salty chips are a perfect snack during lunch or after dinner. 

Plantain chips sold on OjaExpress.com

Kokoro: This popular Nigerian snack food is commonly made from a sugar and cassava batter and then deep fried in various types of oils. Salty and spicy forms of kokoro exist as well, so you have lots to choose from!

Kokoro sold on OjaExpress.com

African Drinks

Peppermint Tea: Variations of peppermint teas are consumed throughout Africa and the Caribbean. According to Howard University, different types of teas are an important part of feasts and ceremonies in many African cultural traditions. Mint tea, for example, is used in special Senegalese and Moroccan tea ceremonies. 

Peppermint tea sold on OjaExpress.com

Bamenda Coffee: Just like tea, coffee is an important part of many African cuisine cultures. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. Bamenda is an Illinois organic coffee brand that sources it’s coffee beans directly from the highlands of Bamenda, Cameroon. 

African coffee sold on OjaExpress.com

Mango trees are native to West Africa and are used as an ingredient or a drink in many African cultures. The history of mangoes and their place in African history and culture was recently covered in an article by the Met Museum. As fascinating as the history of mangoes is, they’re even more delicious to drink!

Mango juice soon to be sold on OjaExpress.com

Barbican Drinks: Popular in North Africa and the Middle East, these non-alcoholic malt drinks are extra satisfying on a hot day and pair well with most spicy African dishes. 

Barbican malt beverage soon to be sold on OjaExpress.com

Bournvita Chocolate Malt Drink: This chocolaty mix is popular in West African countries like Benin and Togo. Bournvita is a refreshing sweet drink that pairs well with any of the pastries and sweet breads we covered in the first section of this blog. 

Chocolate malt drink sold on OjaExpress.com

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